The coast

Bisceglie is a city rich in history and traditions, contrasting sea and countryside, with a mild weather which creates a pleasant atmosphere also in spring and autumn.

There is a diversified coast characterized by rock elements in some areas, others with white pebbles. In general, all beaches are for public use.

At the moment the coast represents the best location for pedestrians and cycling. The whole coast (made by typical stone walls) is used from tourists and folk as a meeting point for walks, or simply to enjoy an ice cream or chatting.

In a short walk from Memory Resort you will discover 5 km of coastline, including:

“SALSELLO” BEACH generally frequented by families thanks to the presence of a stripe of sand which allows children to play.
“TRULLO VERDE”, where you find the Mediterranean Theatre. It was built it in 1992, and it is actually site of concerts and performances in summer.

On this side of the coast, on the borders the city of Trani, there is the beach called "LA TORRETTA". It is a very typical place for the presence of an old tower, maybe Swabia, overlooking the beach with white pebbles. It is one of the quieter beaches.

On the west area there are 2 km of beach, including:

“LA BATTERIA”, a beach next to the harbour reachable crossing the pier. It is very clean and always crowded with families.
“MACELLO” more commonly known as” Prima spiaggia”, followed by “Seconda spiaggia” both composed of white pebbles.

Along the east coast there are:

“CALA DEL PANTANO”, where nature is untouched and wild. It is still used by fishermen with small wooden boats.
“RIPALTA CAVES” where you can see many natural caves, some accessible only by sea.